Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's Getting Hot in Heeeeere...

...And that's not a good thing.

About a decade ago, I was someone who would have said we don't have all the science in to know if global warming is happening. I wasn't against doing something about it, though. I tend to follow the elder George Bush and side on being prudent. Better to be safe than sorry.

These days, it's hard not to find some news report about how the habitat is changing...rapidly. [If you want to hear an interesting, yet scary report, check out this weeks "Quirks and Quarks," Canadian Broadcasting's (CBC Radio) science show. Host Bob McDonald talks with scientist Ian Stirling about the decline of polar bears in the Artic because the North is warming.]

And what is the Bush Adminstration doing about it? Not very much. They aren't supporting the Kyoto Protocol and were quite intransigent at a recent meeting on global climate change.

Would the Administration listen if they heard some criticism from their own?

Joe Gandleman writes about a recent gathering of six former administrators of the Enviromental Protection Agency (five of them were Republicans). To a person, they blasted the Bush Administration for not doing enough on global warming.

Let me state that again: five former heads of the EPA who severed under Republican presidents are criticizing the current Republican president for not doing enough on global warming.

This isn't something that one should dismiss. Bush probably will since he is basically a handmaiden to the far right that talks a lot about God and values but then trashes the earth God created.

While I don't expect the president to listen to these former EPA heads, I do think there is some hope in the fact they were willing to speak up. It's my hope that there are more Republicans willing to speak out about global warming and push our elected leaders to remove the blinders from their eyes before it's too late.


Shay said...

Congrats on your new blog!

Re: your piece...Why should America follow the Kyoto Protocols when the countries who have signed it aren't even meeting their targets? That was a loser from the jump, as it would have hurt our economy. What the Bush administration SHOULD do promote alternative energy through more tax incentives and the like.

P.S. And you calling mainstream conservatives (as opposed to true far rightists, like David Duke) as part of the "far right" will not help your cause in promoting this important issue.

Tom said...

Republicans need to start electing pro-environment Republicans. I am going to vote for Bob Casey in PA only because Santorum is a huge anti-environmentalist. Another point that sways me is Casey's prolife stance.