Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel vs. Lebanon: A personal view

I haven't said anything yet about the recent conflagration in the Mideast, though I probably will say something soon. In reading all the press acounts, radio reports, TV news, I get the sense that people look at this crisis with a sense of distance. We take sides and forget that in the middle of all this, there are people on both sides that are scared to death. Israelis and Lebonese are hiding in fear of being hit by bombs. Children are frieghtened.

Slate Magazine linked to this Lebonese blogger who shares a letter between an Israeli and his friend in Lebanon.

Read this and remember that while governments and terrorist groups fight amongst themselves. It is the PEOPLE that are being affected.

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Michael Smith said...

You mention a sense of distance or perhaps forgetfulness that real people are involved. I’m not sure it’s that, or perhaps being overwhelmed by the opposite.

Five years ago, before 9/11, it might have been easier to forget that these are real people. For me, they definitely seemed more distant. Now it seems much closer, much more real, and unfortunately, much less hopeful.

I understand Israel’s response, yet I’m very troubled by the ease with which they seemed to escalate this cycle. I have an uneasy feeling that many years of hard-fought progress may be unraveling quickly. I hope someone finds a way to douse this cycle soon.