Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A New Site for Centrist Republicans

There is a new site out there ala Red State for Centrist and "Goldwater Republicans." It's called GOP Progress and it launched today. The editor, Liz Mair, says this is a gathering place for mainstream Republicans:

WWW.GOPPROGRESS.COM is an interactive blog site created to give moderate and small “l” libertarian Republicans a forum for expressing their thoughts, discussing policies and politics, and meeting and networking with like-minded individuals.

The site is designed to allow users to read high-grade political commentary, including interviews with moderate political leaders, op-eds by Members of Congress on topical issues, and articles on major policy issues, while also having the opportunity to interact with the editors, moderate political leaders, and fellow moderates and libertarian-leaners through the use of diaries, and comments on stories.

In short, WWW.GOPPROGRESS.COM offers mainstream Republicans the opportunity to form a strong, organized, online community capable of influencing policy and politics in our party, and our country—and to have fun while doing it.

If you are a centrist or libertarian Republican, I would suggest logging on getting involved.

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Michael Smith said...

Just checked it out and was quite impressed.