Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Have You No Shame, Mr. Limbaugh?

Yet another example that Rush Limbaugh really is an idiot.

The ad is below, in case you want to see it. How you could not have some pity for Mr. Fox is beyond me.


Michael Smith said...

I understand Rush’s rights to free speech, and I used to dismiss most of his garbage hoping it was intended as comedy or parody or something. But I’m appalled at how many people take their cue from him on serious issues.

Now I hope Michael J Fox gets a team of lawyers and sues Rush off the air. I’m not sure of the legal definitions for defamation or libel, but I’d guess there might be grounds.

The Truffle said...

Interestingly enough, former Republican senator John Danforth has shied away from endorsing Jim Talent for re-election. The stem cell issue is one reason why. Danforth supports stem cell research (his brother died of ALS), whereas Talent opposes it.