Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm a Black, Gay Republican. Deal With It.

I was going to write about the whole Bloomberg stuff, but I decided to write about something that's been bothering me lately. A while back two of my blogmates over at Central Sanity have said (or not said) things that have bothered me. One wondered why I was in a party that didn't like me. The other always talks about moderate Republicans, but uses Pete Abel as an example and never myself.

This is all interesting because it seems at times, that if you are not a straight white person, then your are pretty much limited in what your politics can be. Both liberals and conservatives seem to think that persons of color or gays can only be on the Left.

Now, I have nothing against the Left. I have many friends that are liberals and I respect their views and I even learn a thing or two. What bothers me is that because I am black and gay, my political views are viewed as questionable. It's as if all blacks and all gays SHOULD be Democrats since we are "liked" there.

But the fact is, that I don't agree with a lot of the philosophy of the Dems. I tend to believe in lower taxes and that government is not the solution to every problem. When I decided to become a Republican, I did so after a lot of reading and thinking. I wasn't attracted to the hard-right ideologies being spewed, but I was interested in an older version that was still being found in groups like Republicans for Environmental Protection and Log Cabin Repubicans.

This is why I stay with the GOP: to be a reminder of things past and a hope that it will be again.

I am a black, gay moderate Republican that chooses to be who he is.

And if you can't accept that, to bad.


Chungsiew O said...

I really fully support your thoughts!!!

TexanWeazel said...

Hi! I have been jumping from page to page to find the one that you are blogging on now, wheew..FINALLY!
You are a busy man…I went to 4 different sites and had to chase the dates to find this, the most recent one.
I have been told that I am a RINO because I believe in birth control and premarital sex; someone should be able to terminate a pregnancy particularly if they are raped or were violated by incest; and I really don't care who is sleeping with whom; as long as both are consenting adults (and it isn’t' happening on the taxpayers dime, in the oval office, with a young intern). I have been called it so many times I'm kinda warming up to the term, with the exception that it implicates that I have a humongus ass, grey tough hide, and a horn growning out of my face.
I am a 17 year U.S. Marine Veteran. I served before and after don't ask/don't tell and during both time frames I saw too many American Patriots that were persecuted because they were gay or lesbian. It broke my heart every time and still brings tears to my eyes when I think back to the pain they went through.
I don't support gay rights. I am a fervent supporter of EQUAL RIGHTS. The soc-con nut jobs always foam at the mouth when I remind them that gays and lesbians are not asking for anything more or less than to be treated as equals.
I mean, after all, isn’t that what Lincoln, our beloved President who us Republicans have a dinner for each year – fought for: Every American Being Considered Equal??
I have been told time and time again that my views would be better accepted being a democrat or a libertarian; so why don’t I just pack my things and go there???
I have replied every time with this: (minus the colorful adjuctives)
I am a Republican. I have been one since I was 10..just old enough to read the papers and understand what was going on. This means that I was a Republican when being a Republican meant: Less Government; More Personal Freedoms; Protection for our Nation; and practical solutions for problems.
These beliefs are the foundation of our beloved GOP. I will NOT leave my party to be ran by some raving lunatics that are more concerned with being the moral police (I always wonder what they have lurking in their closet when they start to rant, don't you?) than keeping this country strong and protected in the violent world today.
After reading your commentary, I pray that you stay arm in arm with the Republican Party. The GOP needs you to keep it sane and a place where likeminded Americans can join up and feel safe among friends, no matter the race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. It's our party, let's not give it up; because they will destroy it in,like, 2.5 seconds, k?
God Bless You...You Black Gay Republican!! :D

p.s. If I make it out to the RNC convention in 08 (that y’all stole from us Clevelanders ;) ), can I buy you a beer?