Monday, October 15, 2007

Hillary's Foreign Policy

I'm not crazy about Hillary Clinton, but if we have to have a Dem as President come 2009, I would rather have her than any of the other candidates.

Clinton has released her foreign policy document and it seems to hit all the right themes: blending a democratic belief in civil and human rights with strong sense of security and toughness. Someone once commented that the first female president would have to be a "tough guy," and Senator Clinton seems to be showing that.

This doesn't mean I'm going to vote for her, but I do think that of all the Democrats she is the one who will steer path away from the Bush shipwreck and yet is not beholden to the Ron Paul-Dennis Kucinich view of the world that seems to dominate the Dems.


Steve Nizer said...

Hillary is better than Edwards, who made the remark that the 'War on Terror is nothing more than a bumper sticker'. He is unfit to hold any office. Obama is just as radically liberal.

Scott said...

Hillary has been running for the center. This is very smart and makes her appealing; however, the question is whether she will actually govern that way.

angelasue said...

As a woman and a Democrat, I believe if Hillary was elected President, she would be a disater. She is tough, maybe too hard and with the attitude in the middle east towards women, we need a man.. not a time to tick off the culture there with a wild eyed and hard woman... give me someone who is not running yet please.