Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grand Old Party: The Next Generation

My latest over at the Progressive Republican.

Grand Old Party: The Next Generation

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Mike at The Big Stick said...

To read these pieces one would think all the GOP has to do is endorse gay marriage and the floodgates of voters will open. It's really much, much, much more complicated than that. Perhaps that is one of the prime flaws of socially liberal i.e. 'moderate' Republicans. They think all the GOP has to do is their agenda and suddenly we'll be booming again. That's extraordinarily short-sighted.

The early bird gets the worm and the first party to adopt a position that is eventually held by the majority of Americans will get the spoils. If you recall the GOP was late in adopting civil rights as a cause as well, but they eventually came around. How is that black vote working out?

I'm Progressive on things like education and the environment but my ego is also not so large that i think those two positions alone will carry the party forward. When 'moderates' talk about their pet issues it all boils down to two things: gay marriage and abortion. It's a very narrow platform, no matter how emotionally charged.