Saturday, May 29, 2010

Noonan and Wingnuts, Continued

Erik has responded to my prior post. A few explainations:

I wasn't bothered as much by Erik's criticism of Noonan as much as his tone and his calling her a "wingnut." Maybe Erik has a different definition, but I tend to reserve that for more "crazy" folks like Mark Levin who make a living being obnoxious. Noonan might have been over the top, but I don't think that qualifies calling her a wingnut or saying that she is unhinged, as Andrew Sullivan did. I know Erik probably thinks differently and I can't change that opinion. But of course, I'm entitled to mine as well, and maybe we are going to have agree to disagree.

As for trying to be the "nice police" well, that wasn't my intent. Civility doesn't mean we never say harsh things at other people. I do agree with him that there are times when we need to be forceful- it's just that I didn't find this was case to go nuclear.

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E.D. Kain said...

Dennis - no hard feelings taken or directed your way - trust me. I like criticism. My response is more explanatory than reactionary (I hope!). I certainly have tacked left, no doubt.

My main exasperation with Noonan is that I expect more out of her than the drivel in her last piece. That nonsense - because it was from her and not Andy McCarthy - is why I wrote the 'wingnut' post.