Monday, January 16, 2006


Saluatations and welcome to my little corner of the web. Most of you already know me; my name's Dennis and for the past four years I've written at a little blog called The Moderate Republican. In November of this year, I was let go from my job and just didn't have the energy to write about my take on the world. So, for the last two months, I've basically focused on finding a new job and not even looking at a blog for most of that time.

After two months, I feel ready to come back. However, I decided to come back in a different way with a new blog. I'm still writing and sharing my views as a centrist Republican, but I've decided to be more of a "fighting moderate" shall we say. Hence, the new blog, NeoMugwump.

Okay, so you're asking: what is a mugwump?

Well, according to Wikipedia, mugwumps were independent-minded Republicans. The wiki entry states that a number of Republicans refused to support the 1884 presidential candidate, James Blaine. They found him "untrustworthy" and "fraudulent." The term has found new cache today, with the term, now badged as Neo-Mugwump, referring to centrist Republicans who are out of the step with the larger, more reactionary GOP mainstream.

So, why did I name this blog NeoMugwump?

The reason is that I wanted to reflect the spirit of the Mugwumps and state that I am an independent Republican committed to limited government, the free market and a strong national defense. I also stand for the tolerance and equality of gay Americans, as well as strong ethic of conservation.

This blog isn't about much more than the musings of one Republican who refuses to be forced out of the party. I simply want to say that there is more than one way to be a Republican.

Most importantly, I'm here to have fun. So that means I won't blog everyday over every little thing. Sometimes I will blog on things that aren't the big issue of the day.

So, enjoy this new blog. Stay tuned.

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Mr. Gobley said...

(This is not a facetious question:) Would you be, then, what they're calling a "Crunch Conservative"?