Sunday, February 05, 2006

Short Post on Wiretaps

Charging RINO links to a fascinating piece in the Washington Post that shows that the wiretapping program initiated by the White House is bigger in scope than what was initially known.

My own view on this is two fold: First, we do need to know what terrorists might be planning and I can see wiretapping as one way of doing that. However (and this leads to my second point) it has to be done within a legal framework-something the President seems to have forgotten. The President could have turned this into a positive by calling on Congress to stregthen or update the FISA statutes to fit the times. Instead, he used the old tactic of fear.

However, the Democrats haven't done any better. They could have scored some points by also offering a bill that would create a legal framework for wiretapping of suspected terrorists, but instead they chose historonics over policy.

What's sad is that there are two problems. Terrorists who mean America harm, and an Administration that tends to overstep its bounds way too often. We need our leaders to come up with solutions to both; to find ways to keep the government from snooping too far into the lives of Americans and that will give them the legitamate tools they need to combat terror. But silly me, I'm thinking logically.


Transplanted Lawyer said...

Major props; you've boiled the wiretap situation down to its dismal essence.

shadoweyes said...

The frustrating thing for me is the party aspect to this. You could exchange the faces and keep the words the same if Kerry were in office. Dems are not offended half as much by constitutional violations as they are that Repubs are responsible. Similarly, R's would be outraged if Clinton got caught with this.

Michael "Sotek" Ralston said...

Um, why should the Democrats bother with offering a legal way to wiretap terrorists?

It already exists.

It's called the FISA court - and allows authorization up to three days AFTER the wiretap takes place!

So ... I think "histrionics" are justified, given that any reasonable wiretap program would already be justified...