Monday, November 06, 2006

Is This Ad Racist?

Andrew Sullivan seems to think so. He says that this ad implies that a "dark-skinned" man wants to rape your white wife. Now, I'm not so optimistic to think that there a campaign wouldn't stoop to using racist tactics, but I just don't see that here. Sully sees a "dark-skinned" man, but it's hard to tell if that hand really is "dark-skinned" or not. And one can't determine that the person with their mouth covered is going to be raped.

I don't have any truck for the whole "family values" tactic that the GOP leadership is using, but I really think that Sullivan is reading more into this than what is actually there. My guess is that Sullivan is so dissaffected by the current leadership with it's gay bashing and spendthrift ways, that he is now projecting every bad thing onto the GOP.

Sully can be frustrating to read at times- a few years ago he was projecting everything wrong with society on the Left (remember his assertion of a leftist "fifth column" after 9/11) and now he doing the same thing on the Right. It's not the critism that bothers me- I'm glad he takes on both the Left and the Right- but it's his running hot and cold that bother me. One moment he thinks that someone is the greatest person in the world and then the next that person is the most evil one. It would be nice if Sullivan exhibited some of the doubt that he preaches.

I'm curious to see how long will it be before he starts castigating the Democrats if they win tomorrow.


ken said...

Actually, having studied photography and structuralism (basically, the meaning behind the picture), I'm certain that this add is very provocative and subtly racist. Although the skin color is ambiguous, it is clearly different from that of the young woman/child; it may well be intended to denote an immigrant (or a person of supposedly dubious race) but it's not dark enough to be conclusive, so it's not risky enough to provoke a backlash. The real message is about our women, daughters etc. being defiled by some sinister man who has obviously been corrupted by immoral liberal policies. This is political propaganda at its best.

Chesty said...

I have to agree with Ken: I don't know what race the person is, but it's clear he's not the same race as the woman. It harkens back to the old days of "protecting the virtue of Southern womanhood" and all that fun shit. It's easy for me to see why this would be considered offensive.