Friday, February 16, 2007

A "Euston Manifesto" for the Right?

I've been wondering why there is no Euston Manifesto for the Right and Center Right. The Manifesto is signed by left-liberals who believe in defending democratic values and human rights. They were concerned in seeing so much of the Left that seemed more interested in Anti-Americanism and excusing terrorism, than they are in supporting democracy.

I am glad to see this coming from the Left. It is definitely needed.

But this presents a question: why haven't conservatives come up with something like this. At least here in the US, there are many who quite upset about the current trajectory of conservatism. Bloggers like Andrew Sullivan and John Cole are fairly upset at what is going on, so why are they not writing something that shows what conservatism should be instead of what is going on?

If there are any conservatives who read me, Republican or independent, would you be interested in developing a Manifesto of our own?


Justin Gardner said...

I think if you got started and offered it up for critique, you could get some co-authors to help add and shape.

Michael said...

I'm with Justin on this one: you should get started (perhaps with some bloggers you know) and offer it for critique - people will help out once you've got something written down.

Anyway - I agree with you that there is a great need for this. Every movement has to reinvent itself, refocus, every now and then.