Monday, February 26, 2007

Good News from the Equality State

It is wrong for one segment of society to restrict rights and freedoms from another segment of society. I believe many of you have had this conversation with your children.

And children have listened, my generation, the twenty-somethings, and those younger than I understand this message of tolerance. And in 20 years, when they take the reigns of this government and all governments, society will see this issue overturned, and people will wonder why it took so long.

My kids and grandkids will ask me, why did it take so long? And I can say, hey, I was there, I discussed these issues, and I stood up for basic rights for all people.
-Dan Zwonitzer, Wyoming Republican State Senator.

I think you need to highlight those Republicans that stand up for gay rights, and this is one of those cases. State Senator Dan Zwonitzer along with two other GOP senators voted against a bill that would not recongize gay couples married in Massachusetts. You can read the rest of his speech here.

In a time when presidential candidates are bowing before the far right, it's refreshing to see a Republican elected official stand up for what's right and not what's popular.

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