Wednesday, April 01, 2009

But There's Nothing Wrong with Conservatives, Right?

The race in the 20th Congressional District in New York is too close to call. Which should be a wake up call to those Dittoheads that that think there is nothing wrong with GOP these days. Here is what David Frum says:

Too close to call? NY-20 is one of the most conservative districts in the northeast. Maybe the most conservative. The Republican candidate, Jim Tedisco, had experience and name ID. The GOP organization strongly backed him in a race recognized as one of the most important in the country this season. And it’s too close to call? If we cannot win NY-20 easily, where can we win?

Now, the GOP probably can win somewhere, but it needs to be competative everywhere to be a real party. Frum goes on to note that there will be a lot of excuses given by the conservative talking heads, but at some point, there will need to be some real soul searching by leaders in the GOP.

But of course, according to Rush Limbaugh, we don't need to do any soul-searching, right?

Riiiiiiight. You just keep living in your dream world, Rush.

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Paul Wartenberg said...

You and I and a handful of others can sit around and keep yelling at the GOP leadership that their ideological purity drives to purge the Republicans of moderates and centrists and people who can walk and chew gum (ye Gods, is Joe the Plumber now the best new talent they can come up with???) have essentially killed the Republican Party. But they won't listen. They won't believe. They'd rather buy conspiracy theory and accept self-congratulatory delusion than accept reality.

Someday, maybe 2016, once the current leadership dies out or retires completely, maybe then a more pragmatic conservative movement can reclaim the party reins. But one's gotta start wondering if there'll be a party still there to reclaim...