Friday, April 03, 2009

Iowa Supremes Strike Down Gay Marriage Ban

I had heard this decision was coming, but it's still surprising. The issue of same sex marriage (or civil unions for that matter) has been something that has happened out on the coasts, Massachusetts or California. Those opposed to same sex marriage could say that this was something that affected the liberal coasts and not the conservative heartland.

Until now.

I know that many will say that this ruling is allowing the court to legislate over the objections of the people of Iowa and there is a hint of truth to that. I would have perfer that this came from a vote of the state legislature instead of through the courts. But I will take a win when I see one.

It wasn't that long ago that the idea of two people of the same gender getting married was an odd idea- too mundane for gays and too radical for straights. But as America has started to see gay people and learn about their lives and hopes and dreams, that idea that was once foreign isn't that strange anymore.

This morning, Iowa just placed an exclaimation point on the idea of same sex marriage. Is gay marriage okay? YES!

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Paul Wartenberg said...

Just today, the Vermont legislature voted in both houses to override the governor's veto of a law allowing same-sex marriage.

This is significant because this isn't being settled in the courtroom, this is being settled by democratically elected officials. The anti-gay activists were always arguing against the courts settling the issue, accusing the courts of Judicial Activism, that 'the people' (usually in verrrry conservative states) didn't vote for it, and such court decisions could be ignored. This is the first time a legislature succeeded in passing legislation (California tried but couldn't get past the Terminator's vetoes).

They can't argue Judicial Activism anymore.

Given the Full Faith and Credit Clause could apply to same-sex marriages in one state being recognized in other states that would have opposed such things, we could well be seeing the end of organized opposition to gays having the right to marry, argue, commit gay adultery, get divorced, and fight over alimony. Wait, what?