Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is "Dealergate" a Real Concern?

The conservative blogosphere is abuzz with news that many of the Chrysler dealerships that were ordered to be closed, were owned by big GOP contributors. Only one store that gave to Obama was closed.

Are there legs to this story? Well, it wouldn't surprise me if there were partisan shenanigans, but I also wonder if people are trying to see a pattern where none exists.

In the end, though, I have to wonder if this is an issue we should be worrying about when there are bigger fish to fry.



Philip H. said...

Does it reall surprise anyone that many car dealers would be Republicans? Hello, we;ve had the rhetoric stomped into us fo ryears that entrepeneurs and "small" businesspersons are more often Republican. So if you have car dealers as a subset of business persons, and that theory is true, then closing large numbers of dealers means closing large numbers of Republican dealers.

And no, we shouldn't pay attention to the political affiliations of individual car dealerships.

Paul Wartenberg said...

The statistics are showing that there's an 8-to-1 Republican-to-Democrat ownership of car dealers. So like it or not, closing a quarter of Chrysler car dealerships was gonna unemploy a huge heaping pile of Republicans no matter where the pink slips got sent.

There's no conspiracy here. It's another case of Republicans seeking victimhood. If there ought to be any griping, it ought to focus on the Republican congresspersons and senators who voted against the auto industry bailout that could have saved those dealerships!