Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quote of the Day:Meet the New Voice of the GOP!

This quote is a few weeks old, but it still carries heft:

A decorated four-star general has no place in the Republican Party ...

A decorated hero with thirty years in the Senate has no place in the Republican Party ...

And his mother, who held what the Navy calls its "toughest job" for forty years -i.e., Navy Wife- has no place in the Republican Party.

... so say the party's new spokesmen, a draft dodger and a drug addict.

I hope the V.F.W. and the A.L. are paying attention.


Paul Wartenberg said...

We're gonna get to the point where the Republican National Convention to nominate their 2012 Presidential candidate will fit inside a Denny's banquet hall with 5 chairs available.

Lessee, kicking out anyone that's pro-choice, pro-regulation, pro-tax, pro-health care, pro-immigration reform, pro-diplomacy, pro-higher education, pro-environment, pro-mustard, pro-freedom of religious choice, pro-evolution, pro-science, pro-gaming, pro-bailout, pro-rollout, pro-gender choice, pro-professional, pro-anything. The Republican Party should be down to twenty-nine registered voters nationwide by 2011.

democraticpitbull said...

Unfortunately, Dennis, the VFW are probably in agreement with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh. They didn't thin much of Max Cleland's service. Ditto for the service of John Kerry. Now, they've decided to smear their own. As much as I dislike what John McCain has evolved into over the past eight years, the man is a hero. So is Max Cleland. So is John Kerry. Now, it's Colin Powell and Larry Wilkerson's turn to fall victim to the GOP smear machine.