Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Ambassador Who Came In From the Cold?

More than a few Republicans were sad when Utah Governor Jon Huntsman gave up his job and his presidential ambitions to become Ambassador to China. However, Dan Gerstein of Forbes writes that the public shouldn't write off Huntsman yet:

My bet: Huntsman resigns his post in the summer, frees himself up to campaign for GOP candidates in the fall, then forms an exploratory committee by year's end. He'll start out behind, and he'll have to deal with the baggage of being tied to Obama. But Huntsman, who worked in the Reagan White House and helped lead his family's global chemical company, brings a lot of comparative advantages to the table. He hails from a pivotal electoral region for the GOP; he is far more engaging and genuine than the flat Pawlenty and the flip-flopping Romney; and he can match if not beat Romney on economic policy credibility without his fellow Mormon's corporate-raiding baggage, which will be an issue in the post-bailout era. So expect him to at least be in the (ahem) hunt.

If this becomes true, it would be wonderful for the GOP. Huntsman is definitely a candidate that could appeal to "Whole Foods Republicans" and expand the party's reach.

Will it come true? We shall find out in the coming year.

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Superdestroyer said...

Huntsman is a rich kid, open border, country club Republican who is too stupid to understand economics, demographics, or policy.

The Republicans need to rid themsleves of the idiot children of the rich and find leaders who actually have some desire to be conservative. Huntsman should be running in the Democratic primary in 2016 since he is much closer to being a Democrat than being a Republican.

Do the Republicans really want a leader whose vision of the future is more taxes, more government, more sprawl, poorer schools, more unemployment, and a lower standard of living?