Friday, June 18, 2010

This Execution Will Be Tweeted

Yes, it was in bad taste, but really, should we be surprised? Those of us that have talked about all the glories of social media should not be shocked that a politician used one of these famed devices to tell the world that someone had been executed by the state.

To me, this is the downside of social media: nothing is left private- everything, and I mean everything is out in the open.

I say this as someone that's been using some form of social media for nearly a decade. People have been known to put of some incredibly inappropriate stuff on places such as Facebook.

So yes, what Attorney General Mark Shurtleff did was in bad taste. But am I surprised? In an age when we expect politicians to keep us informed all the time, no- I'm not surprised at all.

h/t: James Joyner

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