Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tom Campbell's Viral Campaign

Tom Campbell's campaign to be the California GOP candidate to challenge Barbara Boxer this fall for Senate has run or tough times.  He is being outspent by his main challenger Carly Fiorina, who has backing from social conservatives who don't like Campbell's socially liberal record.

Campbell is now low on funds and has pulled his television ads.  Now, he has chosen to go viral, using the internet and phone to get his message out.

This is his latest:

I've supported Campbell and even given some money to his campaign, since he tends to reflect my own views. I want to believe his last ditch effort as well as independents who vote in the June 8 primary will make him the winner, but I fear Fiorina is going to win. Fiorina might be able to buy her way to winning to the primary, but as the LA Times shows, only Campbell is able to beat Boxer this year.

Another example of the GOP picking the pure candidate over who could actually win.

Update: It looks like I wasn't the only person giving him money. Campbell is now saying he is back on the air:

I want to start by expressing my heartfelt thanks. In the last 72 hours you’ve rallied to the side of this campaign like never before. Thanks to that support, we’re taking the good news that I am the only candidate who beats Barbara Boxer to California’s airwaves!

Having read so many of your notes of support, I can sense that something big is happening beneath the surface. Conservative Republicans are starting to tell us that they’re switching because I’m the only one who can beat Boxer. Independents are pledging to vote for the first time in a Republican primary. And many Democrats say they look forward to voting for me in November, though they can’t say the same of my fellow candidates.

In the closing days of this campaign, it’s becoming clearer that I am the only candidate who can unite principled, Constitutionalist Republicans, Independents, and frustrated Democrats in a coalition to oust Senator Barbara Boxer.

Maybe the race isn't over yet.

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