Friday, March 31, 2006

"Stay Loudly or Leave Loudly"

It is not easy to remain a Republican these days. I've said as much on this blog and on other blogs. It is hard to see a party that has such a glorious history has become so shameful. A party that believed in equality, has decided to go after gays and lesbians. A party that believed in limited and effective government, is anti-government in some quarters and big government in others (look at the support for constitutional amendments for gay marriage and other things). A party that believed in fiscal responsibility has run up deficits as far as the eye can see. There is no joy in being part of the Grand Old Party.

Last Sunday at church a friend of mine wondered why people would stay in the Catholic Church with its very repressive policies. Another woman responded harkening a Catholic writer Joan Chisitter who remains in the church even though she isn't in favor of some of its views on women or gays. Chisitter has said that you either "stay loudly or leave loudly."

As I thought about it, I began to think this is a good policy of me. Maybe at some point I will say enough is enough and walk away from the GOP. But for now I remain. Either way, I will do it LOUDLY. I want to be the maverick, the burr in the side of the current far right leadership. I want to be a voice of dissent within the party.

To do something loudly means that we can't be silent. We have to speak up, either way. I continue to use this blog as a megaphone and I will also support others who are speaking loudly.

In fact, I want to let you know of two organizations that are speaking loudly. Please visit their websites and if you are a Republican or an Independent that votes Republican a lot, please consider supporting them, because they need your help.

Republicans for Environmental Protection
Log Cabin Republicans


Time said...

I agree with you about the party, I left years ago. I got fed up with the religious right wing taking over. I couldn't stand my party being tied to kooks like Pat Robertson and others. I would have to hate too many people to remain a party member.
I was embarrassed when a democrat came along and balanced the federal budget.
My favorite President has always been A. Lincoln and an ideology of personal rights and freedoms. That thinking left the party long ago.

Anonymous said...

First of all being a gay or lesbian isn't normal. Evolution and natural selection, or life itself, strives for adaptation and sexual production. Being gay or lesbian is a CHOICE, just like a person has a choice to commit murder; It isn't innate. I will have to give George Bush and the whole Republican party props for segregating gays and lesbians. It is ONE way to try and stabalize society.

Time said...

vinicio - Ya, right, gays are the biggest problem the Republican party has? Now that the party has put them in their place - everything is perfect - we have no other problems - Republicans have saved the world.
Reality always makes bigotry look so stupid.

shadoweyes said...

Vinicio: Clearly you understand nothing about evolutionary biology. Rather than correct your misconceptions, I would challenge you that if what is "normal" is defined by biological necessity, then one would expect monogamy to be shunned in favor of men impregnating as many people as possible.

Regardless, same-sex attraction occurs in animals which cannot make conscious choices.

For our host, I question whether he should be more upset at the Republicans who are pushing this or the Christians - as both groups seem to be opposed to him.

I do not see one single argument for banning same-sex marriages which is not motivated by what someone thinks God desires.