Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let Rudy Be Rudy

Kudos to Rudy Giuliani for being honest about his pro-choice stance.

This is a gutsy move for Rudy, since it means that he is going against the grain of what has been expected of GOP Presidential candidates.

Why is he doing this? It can be summed up in one word: California.

The Golden State has moved the date of its primary to early February, along with two other big states, Flordia and Giuliani's home state of New York. All of these states are full of moderates which could influence the outcome of who will be the next GOP nominee. In a climate where there was only small states like South Carolina and Iowa, you had to be more right-wing because the primary goers tended to be more socially conservative. With these larger states in the mix, it allows a moderate like Giuliani to gain the upperhand.

There has been much consternation about the front-loading of the primaries and I can understand that. There is something about the candidates chatting with people in the town halls of New Hampshire and the farms of Iowa. But this speeded up process just might allow the moderates in the GOP to actually have a say in....well, probably decades. We might finally stop focusing on issues like going after gays and more on terrorism, health care and global warming.

Rudy knows this so, as Time Magazine says, he is more than willing to take a gamble. And the thing is, he might be able to get more people into the process. I know a lot of people who are basically Republicans, but they get tripped up on the current GOP's stances on abortion and gay rights. Knowing that there is a candidate that mirrors their views might just get them to the primary polls and caucuses.

When he was told that his views might cause not be acceptable to some Republicans he responded, "I guess we are going to find out."
How refreshing to hear a Republican that isn't trying to denounce or ignore his former views to appease a few religious fanatics.

He might make a supporter of me yet.

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