Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ron Paul's Crazy Train

I'm a little shocked by the response of the Centrist blogosphere to the quixotic campaign on Republican representative and presidential wannabee, Ron Paul. He is considered principled on the notion that America got hit on 9/11 because we were hitting Iraq for 10 years.

Andrew Sullivan sees the guy as a "breath of fresh air." Others say he is what conservatism used to be about and even throw in Uncle Ronnie to give Paul some creedence.

I don't get it. People are going gaga over a man who basically wants the United States out of the UN and NATO, has condemned the 9/11 Commission and wants another one, waxes on about a "North American Union," and has said not so kind things about African Americans and Jews.

I'm sorry, but someone who goes around saying that only five percent of African Americans have "sensible politcal views" and assumes 95% of black males in Washington, DC are criminals or semi-criminal is not someone that I think will revive the GOP.

I am not one that wants to silence Paul or block him from debates. He has every right to present his views and he belongs in the party like anyone else.

Listen, I can understand the the American right is in a sorry state and needs revitalization. We need new leaders for a new time, especially after the current presidential administration has done such a bad job on almost everything. But Ron Paul isn't the answer.

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Paul Wartenberg said...

It's either this or digging up Zombie Reagan.

Let me put it to you this way: If these 10 psychos are the choices for the Republican Party, then the Republican Party is seriously royally f-cked up beyond all recognition. Which is reason #658 why I left already.